TRAST for F*ck The Zombies 24 June 2014 – Posted in: Senza categoria

F*ck The Zombies!” is a web-series written and shot in english, destined to an international audience. It mixes action, horror and dramatic elements with a good helping of black humor, crude and spontaneous language. It follows two gang of juvenile delinquents, forced into an alliance by the zombie plague sweeping their city. Struggling to survive will give new meaning to their directionless lives, forcing them to confront their grudges and personal issues. Revenge, passions and betrayals will have to be put on the backburner to face the real priority: kill those fucking zombies!–2



Siamo partner ufficiali di F*ck The Zombies una nuova web-series (in lingua inglese) che promette di essere veramente “da paura”! Avete la possibilità di donare a questo link–2 per aiutare il team di Convergent Clouds a realizzare la puntata pilota (in omaggio ci sono anche prodotti TRAST). Intanto godetevi il potentissimo teaser!–2

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